8:30 -   9:45       Orchestra

For the orchestra session we have scheduled 4 different Playing Levels

A special composition for this course is composed by Renilde Duif: The Valerius suite.
The Dutch masters who have inspired her to compose this suite are:
- Adriaan Valerius with his Nederlandtsche Gedenck-clanck, which he wrote in 1626 in memory of the 80-year war, after which the Netherlands became independent. The melodies he used and provided with new lyrics came from all over Europe.
- Jacob van Eyk with his Der Fluyten Lusthof (1649) in which he composed ornamentations around many of the same melodies for the recorder.
- Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012), who conquered the hearts of many listeners with his Canto Ostinato for four pianos. His style is called: minimalistic.

Orchestra 4 will play the whole composition.
Orchestra 3 will play the biggest part of it.
Orchestra 2 will play a small part and even Orchestra 1 will contribute to the final result.

The orchestras will also study together from time to time:
At the end of the week the Valerius Suite can be performed together with all participants.

According to the level of the orchestra, our conductors will choose other compositions by Dutch Masters.

Orchestras will consist of 20-50 participants.

Orchestra 1* Beginner’s level, led by Brigit de Klerk 1
Orchestra 2 Basic level, led by Gerard Sars 2
Orchestra 3 Intermediate level, led by Mette Laugs 3
Orchestra 4 Advanced level, led by Tom Beets and/or Joris van Goethem 4

 * Advanced players (who provide support) are very welcome in orchestra 1.