15:00  -  16:15       Workshops

Workshops are activities that take only one session of 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Workshops will be scheduled during the course.
A pipe repair workshop will also be open every day during this time.
During workshop time you can also choose to go for a cycle ride, or a walk, visit the course shop, or just rest and relax.

Choices for workshops will be made during the course.

Please let us know on your application form, what sort of activities you are interested in!
The final offer of workshops will depend on your individual wishes, so help us by letting us know about your special interest(s) on your application form.

W1 Pipe repair workshop
W2 Three-hole flute (gives 1 ½ octave) (pipe & drums, galoubet)
W3 Fish leather (a kind of leather tanning, from fish skin)
W4 Wet-on-wet Painting (a painting technique in which new paint is added to previous layers of still wet paint)
W5 Greek dances
W6 Musescore – how does it work? (a music notation program on the computer)
W7 Ut re mi to dodecaphonic scale (development of scales)
W8 Breathing
W9 Composing for 1 voice
W10 Russian Music
W11 Sharpening your knife
W12 Graphic Scores (graphical notation of a piece of music, and how to perform)
W13 Orff for kids (playing a song with accompaniment on Orff instruments)
W14 Other suggestions….. (please suggest ideas)