10:00  -  11:15       Class period A  

11:45  -  13:00       Class period B 

16:45  -  18:00       Class period C

  • Click the link to find a detailed description of the subjects offered in the different classes
  • You are asked to register for 3 classes of your choice in each classperiod
  • Classes will take place every day, always at the same time (except on Tuesday)
    So: you sign up for a course of 6 lessons
  • There is a choice of various activities: construction, playing, crafts, sports
  • For the class periods you can select your own options
  • Qualified teachers from the various Guilds will give all classes
  • Construction classes will need two class periods each day (periods A and B) so those who choose construction will only be able to select one other class, i.e.: in class period C
  • In the beginners’ construction class there will also be a short playing session in very small groups, 15 or 20 minutes every day, so that you will not only construct your first pipe, but also learn to play on it
  • A class will only go ahead if enough participants subscribe for it
  • If we have about 200 participants all classes can be offered
  • If we have only 100 participants, some classes in the programme may have to be withdrawn
  • Playing Levels: click here