In one of local courses you can be taught constructing eand playing a bamboo pipe. Everywhere in the country there are  longer-term courses in schools, creativity centers or a companion at home. There are courses for young and old, for beginners and for those with musical experience. For players of other instruments building their own bamboo pipe is a special experience. Bamboo pipes sound particularly well with instruments such as viola da gamba, harp, guitar, mandolin and harp. In the local courses construction and playing bamboo pipes is central item. It is built in small groups and musicianship in small and large groups, where other instruments can be switched on. On the program are also other activities such as sports and games. Sometimes be other instruments such as simple drums, bamboo or bamboo flute clarinet. There are courses for all ages. In most courses is open to both beginners and experts. Further details are in the various courses. The prices are always exclusive to process the bamboo. Depending on the build flute takes the bamboo between € 3, - and € 8, -. In certain cases reduction is possible. A course can only go ahead when enough