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 Constructing a bamboopipe? The method we use is unique: the students build their own pipes and learn to play while building the pipe. The pipe is constantly expanding in extent, every time a new a finger hole, and so step by step to a comprehensive musical knowledge. Except rural courses of a weekend or a week, there are also several courses in many parts of the country. There are courses for both children and adults and for each level. Advanced students who have made several pipes, often play in ensembles. Information on national activities and local workshops and courses can be found under activities. Further information can be obtained from a regional representative (see contacts). Almost all activities are for both members and non-members. For people who have never seen or heard a bamboo flute is such a national week a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted. On this site you can find all about.


Het Griekse Gilde organiseert van 5 juli - 11 juli 2020 een cursus in Astros. Meer informatie kun je hier downloaden.

Het Franse Gilde organiseert van 27 juli - 3 augustus 2020 een cursus in Athis Mons bij Parijs. Meer informatie kun je hier downloaden.

Het Britse Gilde organiseert van 10 - 15 augustus 2020 een cursus in Lane End. Meer informatie kun je hier downloaden.